Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Artistic Appreciation

As an artist, I frequently appreciate others work. Sometimes it is in idea form, I see an interesting piece, and it gives me an idea for work of my own...or sometimes it is simply in awe of talent.

Today I came across artist Jeff De Boer and his work see here

To put it mildly, it simply blew me away. I am in awe. Not only of the actual pieces of work he has created. (for me the appeal is in the cat and mouse armor (of course)).

It is simply stunning, both the idea of it and the creation of it. It is works of art like this that make me feel intimated and yet inspired.
Art is a very personal thing and I am reminded of it constantly when I view it with another. For example my daughter. She loves anything well as mood driven pieces. IF someone famous did it, she love it, though her favorite works would be those textiles done by Andy Warhol.(she has many of his tote bag/tshirt offerings) Yet his work leaves me, well let's say uninspired, bored...but then so do many others.
I remember my Grandfather and Nana taking me to the Louvre in 1977. I disliked so much of what I saw. The same on numerous trips to the Philadelphia art museum. I think with me it is tactile art, not paintings that appeal to me. I find DaVinci's drawings terribly interesting, yet his paintings...not so much...
I do like this rendition of mona though...

People have the most amazing ability to express themselves in artistic form. And artistic form can take so many paths. In music and writing as well as the more traditional painting and sculpting etc...even some surgeons are artists in their own way with precision cutting and stitching.

What form of creation do you like?

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